Attribute domain tokens allow you to recognize attributes that can be used for filtering or flagging

For better or worse, DITA today says that only a specific set of attributes must be available for filtering or flagging. This token from DITA 1.1 helps identify attributes specialized from @props, which are among the few that allow filtering.

As with attribute specialization in general, the @domains token is the only guaranteed way that I can identify whether @intheneck is a filterable attribute specialized from @props.


I see three plausible ones, though there are probably others.

  1. Use subject schemes, which can already declare that @intheneck is based on @props.
  2. Tweak how DITAVAL is defined so that your DITAVAL properties declare any such association.
  3. Remove the rule that says you can only filter based on a few attributes. Maybe instead of "only filter off of this list plus @props specializations", the specification can say: "filter off of any attribute you want, except maybe these 4 that we know to be a bad idea".