Presentation material for DITABUG / DITA RTP, December 7 2011

NOTE: while this material remains here as an archive, for the latest sample plug-ins, please check the new toolkit samples page.

The following plug-ins may prove useful starting points when trying to make use of the DITA-OT plug-in extension points described in the presentation. Each of the plug-ins should be unzipped into the DITA-OT/demo/ directory, though they could just as easily be placed in the DITA-OT/plugins/ directory.

If you don't have it already, the DITA-OT can be found here:

The presentation that went along with these samples is now posted at Overriding the DITA Open Toolkit with Plug-ins

Documentation for the extension points can be found here: DITA-OT landing page. Look in the documentation for release 1.5.4 or later, under Developer Reference -> Creating DITA-OT plug-ins.

Overview of available samples; details are below the table
Plug-in ID What does it extend?
XHTML style PDF style New XSLT parameter XML Catalog (Specialization) New Ant code Extend Ant pre-process New transform type Add generated text Add error messages Add Java library New extension point Builds on pre-requisite
org.metadita.xsl.xhtmlbrand Yes----------------------
org.metadita.specialization.cmdref Yes----Yes----------------
Music YesYes--Yes----------------
org.metadita.transtype.faketxt --------Yes--Yes----------
org.metadita.xslparam Yes--Yes--Yes--------------
org.metadita.strings --------------Yes--------
org.metadita.strings --------------Yes--------
org.metadita.xsl.puffinbrand Yes--------------------strings
org.metadita.bundle-gentext (zip file) Bundles org.metadita.strings and org.metadita.xsl.puffinbrand into a single install package.
org.metadita.errors ----------------Yes------
org.metadita.xsl.validation ----------------Yes----errors --------YesYes----Yes----errors; xsl.validation
org.metadita.bundle-validation (zip file) Bundles org.metadita.errors, org.metadita.xsl.validation, and into a single install package.
org.metadita.samplejava --------YesYes----YesYes----
org.metadita.fullbundle (zip file) Bundles all of the previous plug-ins into a single install package.