Favorite books, audio books, comics, and other readable materials

So I've had my "what I'm reading" list up for quite a while (here), but many who look at that just ask "So which are the best?" This page attempts to answer that question - and also allows me to list a few books that I finised before that other list started in August 2005.

Favorite books

These books are most of my favorites, and include most of the very few books I've read multiple times. Listed in no particular order.

Favorite audiobooks

Some wonderful books are terrible when narrated; the following books, whatever their merits or subject matter, worked better than I could ever have expected as audiobooks.

Hard to put down

These books that kept me from doing anything else, because I simply could not stop reading.

Graphic fiction and non-fiction

Over the past few years, I've gotten into a lot more graphic work, beginning after I read an excerpt of Joe Sacco's wonderful war reporting from Serbia. I've collected some of the best here; for what it's worth, all but the Neil Gaiman were are non-fiction.

Unexpected pleasures

For the most part I didn't know what to expect when going in to these. They may not quite make it into the "all time favorites" list, but they're very close. A variety of genres, for the right person they could be among the first books I suggest.